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These ensembles are some of the most popular groups of professional musicians that have performed since 1980. We have many other ensembles which may be perfect for your event. When planning your music and entertainments, let us assist you in choosing the appropriate group and choosing the music.

Nashville String Quartet

Composed of members of the internationally renowned Nashville String Machine and Nashville Symphony, this fabulous quartet consists of Violins I and II, Viola and Cello. Elegant and enjoyable, this versatile group performs classical literature from the Baroque and Romantic eras along with selections form popular and jazz music.

Cumberland Quartet

Our most popular Quartet! Dramatic while regally elegant best describes this ensemble. The Organ/Keyboard, Violin, Cello, and Trumpet combine to offer a moving musical statement that is both romantic as well as exuberant.

The Rosewood Quartet

Performing classic Baroque music, Renaissance & Celtic music to the cool swing sounds of the 1940's to the romance of today's love ballads, this versatile quartet features the Violin, Cello, Keyboard and Woodwinds. At the wedding this group can easily provide one type of music and at the reception perform in a completely different style. This quartet works in any size with the ambiance and versatility of a small orchestra.

Stratford Wedding Quartet

The beauty and elegance of a classical string trio with the majesty and drama of the trumpet. Perfect for any wedding setting! Reception includes the string trio only.

Nashville String Trio

This ensemble is perfect for intimate settings and events in smaller locations. Performing primarily classical music with other select literature, this group consists of Violin, Viola and Cello; the players are members of the Nashville Symphony and the Nashville String Machine. Add a Trumpet, Flute or Oboe for your special occasion!

The Belair Trio

This trio is our most versatile ensemble for both weddings and/or receptions and is comprised of Keyboard, Woodwinds, and Violin or Cello. All musical styles are possible, from classical chamber music to contemporary pop. folk, jazz, and light dance music, The digital piano provides an amazing array of realistic sounds that is a full rich accompaniment suitable for any size setting, Our woodwind players provide not only Classical Flute but other instruments such as Oboe, Clarinet, Recorder, Soprano and Tenor Saxophone. The Violin or Cello is equally versatile and beautiful.

Clairemont Trio

The beauty and elegance of Violin & Cello combine with the expressiveness of the Piano for this noble trio. Performing classical, pop and jazz, this ensemble is excellent in all settings.

The Monteverdi Trio

Comprised of Flute, Violin and Cello, this group is also well suited for intimate gatherings where a light classical background is desired. Performing the lyrical chamber music of the Baroque era along with traditional wedding favorites, this fine ensemble is especially appropriate for morning/afternoon and outdoor events.

Arthur's Choice Trio

From Renaissance, Folk, Celtic and classical to jazz music, this unique trio of Guitar, Violin and Flute is a Nashville favorite. At any type or size event, this group will entertain your guests while providing a pleasing background for any setting.

Windsor Orchestral Quintet

Our new Majestic ensemble can consist of several different instrumental combinations. We will help you select the instruments that best suit your location and music selections. This ensemble performs all styles of music and is perfect for larger settings. Instruments may include: Violin, Cello, Flute, Oboe, Trumpet, French Horn, Piano/Organ, Digital Piano.

Fine Romance Jazz Trio

Piano, Saxophone and Bass (or Drums) combine for a classic jazz trio. Perfect for receptions or dinners where upbeat background music is desired but dancing is not the focus, this trio performs great jazz standards made famous by Sinatra, Elle, the Duke, Nat King Cole in addition to current hits by Kenny G, Harry Connick Jr., James Taylor and Elton John. Add one of our great Jazz singers for more fun.

Piano & Violin

With two of the world's favorite instruments together, the possibilities are endless! Drawing on an incredible body of music written kist for this combination, this duo will provide any type of music program for wedding, reception or any entertainment. When an acoustic piano is not available, we recommend the use of digital piano.

Harp Duo

Very popular for garden or morning/afternoon events in intimate settings, this duo is particularly pleasing with its gentle elegance and romance. All types of music may be performed and our talented players have created many arrangements enjoyed by all ages. Harp with Flute, Violin or Cello.

Angelicus Harp Trio

The Harp is not only visually beautiful but sounds heavenly in any setting. When combined with your choice of two favorite instruments in an ensemble, this music is truly memorable. This trio is very versatile, performing classical, sacred, folk and pop favorites for weddings and receptions. Choose from Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, Oboe or Trumpet.

Solo Instruments:

The Piano is the world's favorite solo instrument and extremely versatile.

Digital Piano
When a piano is not available at your location, we recommend the use of a digital studio piano. These amazing instruments accurately duplicate not only the piano, but the harpsichord, organ and other instruments.

The perennial wedding instrument! Beautiful, romantic and elegantly classic. Selected repertoire, yet versatile (both classical and contemporary music). Due to limited availability, we suggest booking this instrument well in advance of your event.

Other solo instruments available:

  • Classical Guitar
  • Bagpipers
  • Solo violinist
  • Strolling violinist

Our professional vocalists are the finest singers in Nashville, representing the recording industry, musical theatre, jazz, sacred and classical arenas. Your occasion will be most memorable with the addition of one or more of these vocal artists to any of our ensembles to perform your favorite songs.

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